Landslide Sound creates innovative music and sound for moving pictures through the collaboration of authentic artists & authentic instrumentation. Landslide Sound is the unique collaborative effort of composer, television mixer, visual artist, vocal artist,  and musicians (whose experience ranges from classical, rock to folk).

Converging to collaborate on a new recording project under the name of “Elouise”, the group quickly realized that the assemblage of their expertise and unique sound gave them the ability to also create powerful, distinctive and hauntingly dramatic musical pieces that were very conducive to moving pictures. Although digitally savvy, Landslide Sound begins the process with authentic instrumentation in the round. Playing and recording ideas live, adjusting and fine tuning on the spot, adding digital musical dramatics and atmosphere to further articulate the idea of a score or musical segment when needed. In addition to scoring to picture, Landslide Sound can also create a sandbox of customized musical pieces and cues for editors to use when putting together a project.  Creating a unique and distinctive musical palette for their clients. The group has amassed a large and unique collection of vintage instruments and gear which in some cases have been deconstructed, altered, rebuilt or played in an untraditional manner to create an authentic and eccentric sound that has become the signature of Landslide.