John Philip Shenale
John Philip Shenale has contributed to Sons of Anarchy as composer, arranger and keyboardist. He is also a member of SOA house band, The Forest Rangers. He has contributed his talents as composer, arranger, musician and/or producer to over forty Gold & Platinum albums, both domestic & international & over thirty Top-40 singles. His work has been associated with 21 Grammy nominations & includes albums by Tori Amos, Janes Addiction, Janet Jackson, Howie Day, Tracy Chapman, Jesse McCartney, Billy Idol , Rick Springfield , Buddy Guy, Robert Cray , Willy DeVille, John Hyatt, Diana Ross, & Dionne Warwick. Mr. Shenale has also contributed his talents as composer, arranger, musician & producer on the films of: Car Reiner, Herbert Ross, Walter Hill, Richard Lester, Brian Yuzna, Steve Miner, John Hughes, Paul Verhoeven, Curtis Hanson & Frank Oz. There has been speculation that among his vast collection of instruments,  he has procured Benjamin Franklin’s glass harmonica through unscrupulous means.