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John  Chamberlin
John Chamberlin has never met a network specification he could not crack. Working as a recording engineer for the last 12 years, he spends most of his days (and nights) in a darkened room tinkering with machinery and contraptions. He is currently working on Orange Is The New Black (Netflix), Portlandia (IFC), New Girl (Fox), Baskets (FX), Dice (Showtime), Wicked Tuna (Nat Geo), Getting On (HBO), Comedy Bang Bang (IFC) to name a few. In Additions, he is a musician, producer & engineer of note and has been contributing his multitude of skills to a collective of rogue musicians who call themselves Landslide Sound. His attraction to this lot is curious & can most likely be traced back to a troubled childhood.
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Elouise  Walker
Elouise Walker is considered a visionnaire & has been known to constantly dismantle things & put them back together “her way”. This has caused considerable speculation on her solidity of mind. She is best known as an art director, photographer and creative force for Universal Music, A&M Records,  The Grammy Awards and independent artists. After a laudanum induced vision followed by electroshock therapy, she began writing songs of unspeakable darkness. It is noted that she should not be trusted alone with silver, finery or feather boas.
Rich Dembowski
Rich Dembowski hails from the western territory known as “Old Californio”. He is a gifted songwriter, musician and arranger. The number of instruments that he can play skillfully is too long to list. He has been the musical director of many theatre productions, has written music for “The Televisor” and played bass for Ben Vaughn. Little is known about the past of Mr. Dembowski except what has been murmured in darkened corridors after hours. A musical purist, he prefers to listen to his favored music “The right way” …on a wax cylinder.
Michelle Beauchesne
Michelle Beauchesne is referred to as the emotional one in the group. Her highs and lows are most evident when you place a cello in front of her. Michelle has performed throughout the U.S with the Florida Philharmonic, Palm Beach Opera Company, Berkeley Symphony and the American Tour as principal cellist with the Bolshoi Ballet. She has associated with such artists as Placido Domingo, Andrea Bodelli, Natalie Cole, John Cage & Mana. She has also performed solo cello on the “Call of Duty” sound track & lifetime Network Television. Given her propensity for drama. It is highly recommended that you respectfully refer to her as Ms. Beauchesne.
John Philip  Shenale
John Philip Shenale has contributed to Sons Of Anarchy as composer, arranger and keyboardist. He is also in the SOA house band, The Forest rangers. He has contributed his talents as composer, arranger, musician and/or producer to over forty gold & platinum albums, bot domestic and International & over thirty top 40 singles. His work has been associated with 21 Grammy nominations & includes albumns by Tori Amos, Janes Addition, Janet Jackson, Howie Day, Tracy Chapman, Jesse McCartney, Billy Idol, Rick Springfield, Buddy Guy, Robert Cray, Willy Deville, John Hyatt, Diana Ross, & Dionne Warwick. Mr Shenale has all contributed his talents as composer, arranger, musician & producer on the films of: Carl Reiner, Herbert Ross, Walter Hill, Richard Lester, Brian Yuzna, Steve Miner, John Hughes, Paul Verhoeven, Curtis Hanson & Frank Oz. There has been speculation that among his vast collection of instruments, he has procured Benjamin Franklin’s glass bell through unscrupulous means.